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Bucks Area Grading - 12th November 2017
The second grading of the year was held at Kitsune Gari in Milton Keynes.  There was a strong attendance from the DCHS club but unfortunatly, the numbers were more subdued from Chalfont & Evreham, again.  Specific congratulations go to Saffron, Aileen, Nicola and Berlin for outperforming Sensei expectations.

New Grade
Berlin (DCHS)
5th Kyu 3 Orange
Grace (DCHS)
4th Kyu
Saffron (DCHS)
4th Kyu 1 Green
4th Kyu 2 Green
Rachel (DCHS)
3rd Kyu
Ivy (DCHS)
3rd Kyu 1 Blue
Aileen (DCHS)
3rd Kyu 2 Blue
Audrey Liew (DCHS)
3rd Kyu (ratified Senior grade)
Lucca Gabella
3rd Kyu
Gemma Toerien Howie
3rd Kyu
Nicola Cleary (DCHS)
2nd Kyu