Aims of Judo

Judo is the ideal activity for both physical and mental development

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“Judo is a mental and physical discipline whose lessons are readily applicable to our daily affairs.  The fundamental principle of Judo is that whatever the objective, it is best attained by the maximum efficient use of mind and body for that purpose.  The same principle applied to our everyday activities leads to the highest and most rational life.”

“The principle demands above all that there be order and harmony among people.  The final aim of Judo is to inculcate respect for the principles of maximum efficiency and mutual welfare and benefit.  Through Judo, persons individually and collectively attain their highest spiritual state while at the same time developing their bodies and learning the art of attack and defence.”

Jigoro Kano - founder of Judo

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  •         Judo increases your self confidence, self control and discipline.
  •         It will increase your mental and physical speed of reaction and improve your senses of balance and co-ordination. You will enjoy all round greater strength and fitness particularly in the 'core area' - which is often neglected in many other activities, for example weight training
  •         Teaches useful life skills such as learning how to fall properly without injury.
  •         Judo is primarily a competitive sport but the key skills are useful and proven in self-defence.

  •         Judo is a fully competitive combat martial art which encompass's the full range of hand combat skills.

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What is Judo?

Robin Otani, President of the British Judo Council provides an insight into the history of Judo and how it compares with other martial arts. There is also an explanation as to the grading structure and the difference between competition and kata (form).

The BJC do not promote the philosophy of 'a win at all costs' and seek to encourage a good positive upright style of Judo which harks back to the ideals of the founder, Jigoro Kano.

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