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Listed below are a few websites that provide useful information and one that doesn't, but is funny.


The home of the BJC where you can find information about news, forthcoming events and the organisation, its rules, policies etc.

This is probably the most comprehensive website on Judo, the techniques, the sport, and the philosophy behind it all.

Complete with hundreds of drawings, animations, video clips, if it exists in Judo, you will find it here.  There are also active forums to contribute to and to learn from.

The home of Judo.  This is the Dojo and organisation that Jigoro Kano set up more than 100 years ago to administer and to be the 'home' of Judo.

The website contains details about training at the Kodakan (if you should happen to be in Japan) and the rules, bylaws and techniques of Judo.  It is interesting, but not as detailed and complete as Judo Info above.

This site pulls together all the videos on the web relating to the sport.  Easy to search and use, it is quicker and more relevant than trying to find video on You Tube.

This is the largest website around for photos on Judoka's in the news and competitions.  Going back decades, there are pictures of the great Judoka's from the past to the current champions.

The world governing body for Judo.  Whereas the Kodokan is a 'all Japan' organisation, the IJF consists of a committee selected from all over the world.  Often at odds with the Kodokan, the IJF is responsible for the organisation of Judo at international level in the Olympics and World Championships amongst others.


This is very silly but fun.  You will need to sign up to get to see the movie clips.  Essentially there are two dogs who do Judo, or think that they do.  Every Dojo has a couple like these two in it!