Hold downs, Strangles and Arm Locks

Techniques Used in Groundwork

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Hon Kesa Gatame
Gyaku Juji Jime
Ude Garami
Kurzure Kesa Gatame
Nami Juji Jime
Ude Hishigi Juji Gatame
Kata Gatame
Kata Juji Jime
Ude Hishigi Ude Gatame
Yoko Shio Gatame
Hadaka Jime
Ude Hihigi Waki Gatame
Kuzure Yoko Shio Gatame
Ushiro Jime
Hiza Gatame
Mune Gatame
Okuri Eri Jime
Ude Hishigi Te Gatame
Kami Shiho Gatame
Kata ha Jime
Ude Hishigi Hara Gatame
Kuzure Kami Shiho Gatame
Tsukkomi Jime
Kannuki Gatame
Ushiro Kesa Gatame
Sankaku Jime
Gyaku Juji Gatame
Tate Shiho Gatame
Yoko Sankaku Jime
Ashi Gatame
Makura Kesa Gatame
Ryote Jime
Ushiro Yoko Shiho Gatame*
Kagato Jime
Leglocks (see note)
Kami Seoi Gatame^
Sode Guruma Jime
Ashi Garami
Sankaku Gatame
Koshi Jime
Hiza Hishigi
Morote Jime
Ashi Dori Garami
Jigoku Jime
Kata Ashi Hishigi

*  This was Neil Adams speciality.  Although clearly, highly effective for him, it is not considered to be a durable hold down
^  This is not a standard recognised hold but is perfectly legal in contest

Note:  All leglocks are banned from contest and should not be used in Randori.  They should be taught with great care to higher grades only.