Ron Bratton Sensei

Black Belt 3rd Dan BJC

Ron is now back from his sabbatical and as a result, the Seniors are getting trimmer!  
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In Action
Competition Success


Ron Bratton Sensei (right side) came to Judo in 1984 when he was in his mid-twenties.  He achieved his 1st Dan (Black belt) in 1989.  The above picture was taken shortly after.  This is the only recorded proof of him smiling.

Ron gained his 2nd Dan in Manchester in 2001 and his 3rd Dan in November 2013.

Ron takes his coaching of the seniors very seriously.  Regarding this as a proper workout as well as a Judo session he will force his senior students to work to levels that reduce them to quivering blobs of jelly on the mat.  He then reassures them that it 'is good for them' before launching into a hard randori session or requiring the performance of a hundred or more Uchi Komi (turning into throw practice).  The end result is that several men at the club have now seen their health insurance premiums drop as their levels of fitness and health improve.  So all in all, a good guy.

Ron likes to remind people who is boss.  Particularly David, who he likes to tie into a knot.


Other Activities

Ron is a former ABA boxer who still uses this skill to keep fit with 'boxercise'.

A keen footballer and all round sportsman, he is never still for long which combined with his pathological hatred of cell phones means that trying to contact him is very much a 'hit and miss' affair. He probably views this as part of his 'self-presevation strategy'.

Ron loves canoeing (Grade 5 waters) and reguarly runs 'Hard Man' marathons.