Advanced Ashi Waza
Technical Day
Branko Andjelkovich 6th Dan
Sunday 15th January 2017

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Every now and then, one watches a Judo contest where the two opponents are seemingly engaged in a grip fest with each other, there is little movement as the contestants, of similar strength, battle to gain the advantage.  Then, very slightly one of them will move, very slightly, almost imperceptibly, changing the balance of the other and immediately execute a foot sweep whereupon his opponent falls gracefully to the ground for Ippon.

Foot sweeps are the 'silent killer' of Judo.  They happen fast and with devastating effectiveness result in a 'now your standing... now your not'.

This course aims to take the theory of Ashi Waza to the contest environment.  Branko will cover how to set the opponent up from the first point of gripping through the stages of control, balance to throw whilst at the same time covering combinations and counter as well as the strategy of upsetting the opponents mindset so that they are not aware of what you are planning.

What will he be coaching?

All the little things that go from making a foot technique, whether a sweep or a hook, from being Judo theory to part of a competition Judoka's repertoire.

We will be covering:

  • O Soto Gari
  • Ko Soto Gari
  • O Uchi Gari
  • Ko Uchi Gari
  • SasaeTsuri Komi Ashi
  • Harai Tsuri Komi Ashi
  • De Ashi Barai
  • Okuri Ashi Bari
with appropriate gripping (specifically an accent on the non-standard) for both same sided and opposite handed opponent (Kenka yotsu).

Branko will also be teaching sidelined Ko soto/Ko Uchi Gake, Osoto Otoshi and Ashi Guruma.  These are the techniques that when understood will take you the step ahead of the competition.

You will also be shown where each throw should properly form part of your attack by demonstrating how to utilise against the 'awkward' opponents:

  • The ones who stiff arm you away
  • The opponent who bends over to keep you at a distance
  • Those who attempt to domineer by taking a high grip or an over the shoulder grip in order to bear weight down on you or to restrict your attacks
We will look at how Ashi Waza are part of 'mat craft' in dealing with the risks of being maneuvered out of area or finding oneself in the corner and in risk of a Shido.

Branko will also include useful combinations and counters to use in order to gain your advantage and of course, the vital part of transitioning from throw to groundwork will not be missed out.

Whatever your knowledge, whether a Kyu grade contest newbie to an experienced Dan grade exponent of these techniques, we guarantee that you will leave with greater and better knowledge as well as an improved ability to translate these techniques into an advantage in Shiai.

Branko Andjelkovich 6th Dan

With a background in coaching as a Yugoslav coach, Branko is well placed to coach these techniques not only as a 'demonstration' but to show how they are actually used in the real international arena, including by top Judoka such as Yamishita, Innoue, Iliadis and others.

With a degree in High Performance Sports Coaching (specifically in Judo) from Belgrade University, Branko has trained and coached at the highest levels throughout the world.  Currently the head coach of the University College London he has trained his club members to a level where in competition they regularly make their mark out of proportion to their numbers.  Branko is also a visiting coach to several other BJC & BJA clubs including Chalfont where he enjoys a special relationship as Principal Guest Coach.

This course, aimed at all from Green belt Juniors (particularly those involved or looking to participate in BJA category 3 events or on the International stage) and Orange belt Seniors and upwards will not only be a training course for the contest Judoka but also a coaching course where Judo coaches will be able to improve their coaching methodology.  All coaches that attend will receive a CPD certificate upon completion.

There are restricted numbers for this course in order to ensure that everyone gets enough personal attention to guarantee that when they leave they will be demonstrably able to throw better than at the beginning of the day.  So don't delay, book your place on this course today.

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Key information:
Note:  A full valid BJC, BJA or AJA licence must be produced upon registration.

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